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Kinesis Moto
Simple, Lightweight, and Distraction Free

Simple. Lightweight. Distraction Free.

Motorcycles reinvented

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Watch your vision become reality. 

Kinesis moto specializes in creating unique, functional works of art. We are capable of producing anything from a clean Cafe Racer, to an intricate Boardtracker, with either off the shelf, or custom components. Through our relationship with Motoarchitectura, we also have the capability of producing CNC'd and 3D printed custom components to customer spec. There are no limits.

Limitless options

Every bike we build is overflowing with details pulled from our imagination. There are no rules.


Functional art. That's what makes custom motorcycle building so great. Each and every machine we build is carefully scrutinized for safety and functionality. Take comfort In knowing your finished project will have a top notch motor, fully rebuilt to meet/exceed factory specs, to accompany in most cases a vastly improved suspension setup. 

Suits off the rack don't fit any better then bikes off the showroom floor. We build our projects to be a comfortable ride specifically for each clients dimensions. Doesn't matter what riding position you like, through a custom fitting appointment we pinpoint your ideal riding posture, and modify accordingly. Be prepared for thousands of comfortable miles on the saddle.

Whether you are a seasoned rider, or new to motorcycles, Kinesis will guide you through your journey into a custom bike. All builds are fully broken down, itemized, and budgeted into a detailed spreadsheet, showing you exactly where each of your dollars go. This isn't like going to your local shop where you go in for an oil change and $1,000 later come feeling confused and frustrated. 

Starting a project, everything is compiled into an item by item budget, and regularly updated to reflect build progress. There is no surprise bill at the end! 


The shop




When you place an order for your custom piece, not only must it meet your standards, it has to meet this guy's approval as well. Jeff scrutinizes every inch of wachieving bike, ensuring no bike rolls out the doors of Kinesis without his seal of approval. No, really there's an actual seal and everything!



Through our partnership with Motoarchitectura, Mike delivers the latest knowledge in CNC production and 3D printed components both for custom projects, and individual parts available at our online store. His innovative and intricate approach to every components deliver pieces you won't see anywhere else.



What good is all this hard work if no one takes the time to show it off for us. Thanks to Anthony, everything you see here is truly able to show what we are capable of. His top notch Photography and Videography also delivers our customers a unique package of digital media of their Motorcycle upon delivers. Rolling shots, Prints, videos of you riding your bike for the first time, all made possible because of this guy.