Ducati Ebay Special


This project is still ongoing, check back for updates!

Just to add some varierty, I picked up this 2002 Ducati Monster 750 to make a fun daily rider out of. Along the way, someone bit off more than they chould chew, and hacked up the wiring pretty bad for "upgrades". They also swapped in a 998 swingarm, front end, wheels, and brakes with the same level of of precision, or lack there of. We've all seen these type of bikes on Craigslist or Ebay, and probaby though about the headache it would be to get it back into a functional, safe ride. The poor bike even had an exhaust make from scraps of kooks headers, with way too large of a diameter tubing, no mufflers, and patches of steel covering holes where the bike had been layed down, tearing it open.

Despite the plethora of issues, the bike spoke to me, and I had to rescue it. It took 5 hours to sort through and clean up the mess of wiring, up front, and about double that to slap the ugly out of the front end. A new 6.5" LSL headlight has been fitted, and the factory windscreen was modified still work just fine. Since someone had painted the clear porion of the windscreen, I tried a differect approach, by media blasting it for a frosted look, which illuminates at night by the glow of the new Koso multi function gauge setup. Why change the gauges? I'm glad you asked! One of the bikes other "upgrades" was to smash the housing off the factory gauge cluster, and duct tape the circuit board into a plastic bag, then bury it into the frame. While I wasn't prepared to drop the serious coin for the replacement components from ducati, piggybacking the wires from the cluster restored almost all factory functions, even the fuel gauge.  

A new handmade exhaust is still getting it's fit and finish as pictured, all stainless with two 12 inch cone engineering mufflers. It's still loud, but far better than the absurdly deafening open pipes that were there. In the cockpit, the issue of all aftermarket components, with all different color annodizing, worn and faded, really just looked ugly. Thus far the levers, as well as the reservoir caps, have been stripped and polished.

Some future work will include:

Fully re engineering the swingarm swap

Finish up all the basic maintenence that has been ignored

Clean up all the worn/dirty components

Over the winter, full disassembly, repaint paint/powdercoat, and showroom ready rebuild.