About Us

Custom Cafe Racers:

     Whether you have a simple project, or want information about a fully custom build, we are here to service your every need. We specialize in building in ultra clean cafe racers, paying attention to every detail of the project. Most often we will start the conversation of your build with the motor. Whether you are working with a vintage ride that needs a rebuild, or a modern motor being swapped, we've got you covered. Remember, without a gem of a motor, especially a reliable one, it's just an expensive paper weight.

Service and Repair:

Kinesis is not only a custom bike shop, we are happy to handle your standard service and repair work as well. Whether your brakes need to be serviced, or carbs need to be rebuilt, we are here for you.

Service and Repair work are done at the shops hourly rate.

Custom Components:

need a custom intake manifold for that carb? Dying for an exhaust just like the one you saw on Instagram? Well, we can do that. Kinesis is capable of a long list of custom fabricated components, including:

  • Wiring harnesses
  • Intake manifolds
  • Custom exhaust work
  • Front end swaps/ wheels swaps
  • Motor mounts for engine swaps
  • Headlight brackets
  • Gauge brackets
  • Custom seat mounting

For anything else, just ask, we are probably up to the challenge!