Kinesis Moto
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Kinesis Moto
Simple, Lightweight, and Distraction Free

Have a refractor in need of some tlc? Perhaps you have a stellar performer that just needs a facelift. Or maybe theres a focuser you want to use, but no one makes the adapter you need. Well, you've come to the right place. 

Below is an example of my handiwork, and yes, that is the same refractor before and after. It's been taken apart, flocked, baffles respaced, painted, custom flange made, and believe it or not, that's a GSO focuser reworked and refinished. The end result is a real show piece I'm happy to keep on display in my study. 

Let me make you a custom work of art that has as much form as function. I offer: 

Custom baffles
Custom flanges
Custom lathe work (can even make a custom focuser body if you need) 

I'm sure if there's something else you need, I can do it, just ask. 

Pricing is competitve, message for a custom qoute.

Kinesis K2 Alt/Az Telescope Mount


Tired of sub par small mounting options? Me too. Introducing the Kinesis K2 Alt/Az mount. This product has been specifically designed to be smoother, sturdier, and handle more weight than everything else in it's class. With heavy duty hardware, ball bearings on each axis rated for 2,000lbs, and fluid one finger operation, nothing else currently available even compares.

Specifications and highlights:

● 8"H×4"W×2"Diameter

● 3.5lb weight

● Comfortably handles up to 106mm f6.5 refractors

● Easy mounting, threaded for 3/8 16TPI hardware

● Adjustable friction on both axis

● 30 Day money back guarantee

● Lifetime warranty on mechanical defects

This product is available for preorder, message us to get in on the first production run!