The Featherweight

Rides even better than she looks.

Ducati 160 motor, Honda frame, lightweight race inspired build. It's not often I get to work on a project for myself, but when I do, I prefer to create something outside the box. I've been wanting to play with a Ducati Single for a while now, but every time I see one someone else built, it's either a 250, 350, or 450. The little guys don't get any love, so when the 160 fell into my lap, I jumped on it. Acording to Ducati expert Tom Bailey, who was kind enough to be a resource for me on this project, the 160 is the closest motor to the original bevel singles used for endurance racing.

The motor has had a makeover internally, with a hone, minor port job, barrell milled to raise compression, digital ignition, and 150w upgraded charging system. This has been married to a 22mm mikuni carb, custom intake manfiold, and nice free flow exhaust, opening up a bit more power from this little guy. By adding length to the intake manifold, and using a mikuni carb with an oval port, the torque curve was infuenced, giving the motor beautiful grunt for its size at much lower rpms than seen in its original form. Since most of the time the bike will be ridden on local roads for Commuting purposes, any performance increase couldn't sacrifice the reliability these motors were so well known for.

Unlike most of my other work, I left the patina on the outside, keeping the appearance of 'unrestored original' that's become a growing trend. Since we upped the power, and put the bike on a major diet (somewhere under 200lbs wet), it's hard to remember it's only a 160. Simple, lightweight, and distraction free.

Ducati Featherweight

  • 160cc Ducati Monza motor, honed, ported, and milled to 9.7:1 compression.
  • Mikuni 22mm carb, Kinesis Moto custom intake manifold
  • Kinesis Moto custom exhaust
  • electrex world 150W charging system, digital ignition
  • Kinesis Moto modified honda cb175 frame
  • Cb175 wheels
  • Dime City rearsets
  • Woodcraft clipons
  • Kinesis Moto wiring harness