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The builds

1973 Honda Cb350Four

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Building the CB350f was one of my favorite projects to date.  Most motors of this displacement, especially today, are either singles or twins. Being an inline 4, there is an understated complexity to its design which is an excellent counterpoint to the simplicity of the rest of the bike.

     Everything other than the motor has been kept as simple and understated as possible. Swapping out the front wheel with a cb350 twin front hub allowed for less components up front, and better stopping power for the now lightened machine. With significant weight savings, an enhanced motor, and the geometry improvements made, the rider immediately feels the agile nature of the bike, accompanied by the vastly improved engine.

This list goes on and on, but it's this careful attention to every component that allowed for a stellar end result.

1966 Hucati 160


Ducati 160 motor, Honda frame, lightweight race inspired build. When people think of Ducati singles, it's either a 250, 350, or 450. The little guys don't get any love, so when this 160 fell into our lap, we jumped on it. The motor has had a makeover internally, opening up a tad more power for the little guy, which really compliments the svelte nature of the build. This little power plant found it's way into a customized Honda frame, giving this tidy package a very unique design. Great little bar hopper for those warm summer days.

The Amalgam

Under Construction


Why are new bikes so big and heavy? Why aren't old bikes as reliable as new bikes?  Why can't I have both? These are the questions that led up to this build. To provide an answer, a 1972 cb450 frame has been heavily modified to house a 2015 cbr500r motor. This, combined with a cb350 front end and wheels has provided for a lean package with modern reliability.